Sheep Laurel - Kalmia angustifolia

Native Plant Society NJ - Fundraiser
Saturday September 27 2:00 - 5:00

Join New Moon Nursery owner James Brown for a unique behind-the-scenes tour of his Wholesale Only Nursery in Bridgeton NJ. For a donation of $100 to the NPSNJ you will receive an empty tray and as you tour the nursery you will be able to fill your flat with up to 50 perennial plugs of your choosing. $100 secures a spot at the event. Donate $100 attend the event! For more information: Click here.

Saturday March 14, 2015 is the date for the Native Plant Society's Annual Meeting.

Though we are still working on the speakers and topics, we know the location. Please meet us at the lovely setting of Medford Leas in Medford, NJ from 10-4. We do know part of the program will include a stunning virtual tour through the native plant collections of Public Gardens throughout the state.


Find out everything there is to know about the native flora of New Jersey, learn from the experts on native plants, get the latest on interesting activities near you, or join one of the many opportunities to participate in the growing national native plant movement — right here in the Garden State.

The Native Plant Society of New Jersey is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation, protection, and study of the native flora of New Jersey. Founded in 1985, we have hundreds of members across the state, and are organized into county and regional chapters. Our members include gardeners, horticulturists, naturalists, landscape designers, students, and native plant enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We conduct regular lectures and presentations with featured speakers on topics ranging from introduction to native plants, gardening with natives, identification and appreciation of the beautiful flora and ecosystems of New Jersey, ecological landscaping, and much more. Our annual meeting is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the native plant movement in New Jersey. We organize nature walks and garden tours, dispense advice on design and maintenance of native gardens and landscapes, and have helped establish native plant gardens around the state.